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Constellation Healing

Subconscious bonds and deep loyalty exists within each family system. Family Constellation work uses this systemic field to reveal unresolved traumas in the lives of previous family members, whose fates can persist and become entangled in subsequent and current generations.
Acknowledging these conditions can allow a resolution to arise that honors everyone and restores the flow of love and acceptance. This enables healing within the family system.
Using Bert Hellinger’s effective “living constellation” method, participants reconstruct their family system to identify and solve fundamental issues. I have each client’s family history and speak with them about their problems and history. This process opens up what’s hidden and releases the trapped “flow” which hold tremendous energy for change. Their spirits are lightened, the heavy energy is transformed and their field of possibility is opened up greatly.

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What Clients Say

I highly recommend Constellation work done by Gary Stuart in Los Angeles. I was blown away by the depth and breadth of Gary’s relationship with this work. He seamlessly weaves together theory, personal examples and all the latest scientific research in Epigenetics and quantum physics while continuing the theme of love, connection and oneness throughout.–-Barbara Eggenberger, LMFT, Innate Movements Of The Soul
“Gary’s workshop on Reincarnation Constellations was the highest ranked out of all the workshops. Gary is a skilled facilitator and a caring presence. He is well-respected as one of the most accomplished Constellation Facilitators in the United States. In my opinion, his reputation is well deserved.”—Dan Booth Cohen, Ph.D.
Gary is an amazing  facilitator and teacher.  His knowledge, experience and open heart are all reasons in themselves to study with him.  His vast experience in family constellation therapy combined with his intuition translates beautifully to a deep and rewarding learning opportunity—Kat T.
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